What Kind of Mailing List Can I Order?

We can put together just about any list you can imagine. Let your imagination run wild!

Here are some examples of residential lists we can create for you

  • Neighborhood Lists (just provide us the name of the neighborhood and we will pull all the homes in the neighborhood).
  • Street Boundaries List (just provide the street boundaries and we will pull all the homes within those boundaries).
  • Radius Search (just provide the subject property address and let us know how many homes around that address you want us to include).
  • Zip Code/County/City Searches. (just let us know what area you want to mail to and if there are certain criteria you wish to incorporate).

Here are some examples of specialty lists we can create for you

  • Reach people that have Incomes over a certain amount.
  • Families with kids in the home.
  • Reach people in specific professions i.e. Doctors, Lawyers, and much more.
  • Reach people that have specific interests i.e. Nature, Sports Cars, Horses, and much more.
  • Apartment tenants. We can reach apartment tenants all across the nation.

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