Ancillary Service Endorsements

Ancillary Service Endorsements

Information updated 3/31/2017

Ancillary service endorsements can be added to marketing mail pieces (previously called bulk mail or standard mail) allowing the mail piece to be either returned or forwarded in the case that the delivery address on the mailpiece is not current for the intended recipient. There is a ton of information about these endorsements and how they work and the costs associated with them. Below, we simplify the explanations offered by the post office.

Most Often Used Endorsements

Return Service Requested -

For the most part (and we say that because there are a lot of details about this endorsement/process), if you go with Return Service Requested, the mail piece gets returned to you if it cannot be delivered and you are charged 1st class postage rates (.34 or .49 in most cases). The returned mail piece would indicate why the piece was returned and if the post office has updated address info, the returned mail piece would show you that new address.

Address Service Requested -

The difference here is that the mail piece gets forwarded to the new address and you, the customer, are separately notified of the new address. Cost is .58 per piece for any mail pieces that get forwarded.

Alternatively, we can process your mailing list to see if anyone has moved, when they moved and where to. We can update your list through this processing and send you a report showing you the details. This service, known as NCOA processing, costs $22. It is generally recommended to use NCOA processing to update one's contact list, not a geographic farm.

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