What do RGB and CMYK mean?

The initials RGB stand for the colors red, green and blue. Combined together they are capable of creating a wide array of colors. Consumers use computer monitors and digital cameras for creating graphic designs. These devices display in RGB and they output in RGB unless the file is converted to CMYK.

CMYK stands for the four inks used in the production of color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key, which is black. Most printing companies — including Unique Litho — use this standard for printing and is common practice for these companies to convert graphic designs from RBG to CYMK prior to print production.

The colors represented in each color space (i.e. RGB or CMYK) are referred to as their Gamut. The possible gamut for each colorspace is different and conversion from one to another can result in changes in appearance. Here is a visual representation of the possible colors in the visible, RGB and CMYK gamuts. If an RGB color specified lies outside of the CMYK gamut when converted, the results can unexpected.  

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